Thursday 19 February: Lilting (15)

UK  –  Drama  –  Year: 2014  –  Running time: 86 mins

Audience feedback: Rating: ★★★★½ (4.4 from 21 votes)

  • Lilting‘Excellent’: 12 votes
  • ‘Very Good’ 5 votes
  • ‘Good’: 2 votes
  • ‘Satisfactory’: 1 vote
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Set in contemporary London, Khou’s first feature film deals with loss and the limitations of language. Chinese-Cambodian Junn is mourning the untimely death of her son Kai. After 20 years in London she has not assimilated and has been entirely dependent on him. When Kai’s boyfriend Richard (Ben Whishaw) suddenly appears they begin to communicate and connect, with the help of an interpreter, and to mourn the man they both adored. Alan (Peter Bowles), in his romantic pursuit of Junn, provides the humour in this soulful and moving drama.

Whishaw is magnetic as a man pushed to the edge of fragility by mourning, but who still suggests a quiet strength.
Amber Wilkinson, Daily Telegraph

Director: Hong Khaou
Boy Crush (2007) / Summer (Short – 2006)

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