Monday 2 March: Ida

Poland  –  Drama  –  Year: 2013  –  Running time:  80 mins

Audience feedback: Rating: ★★★★½  (4.46 out of 33 votes)

  • Ida‘Excellent’: 21 votes
  • ‘Very Good’: 8 votes
  • ‘Good’: 2 votes
  • ‘Satisfactory’: 2 votes

Tragedy hangs like smoke over this spectral, startling return to form for Polish-born, British-based writer-director Pawlikowski.  Poland 1962: Anna, a young novitiate nun, must take her vows and remain in the convent for life. But first she is sent by her mother superior to meet Wanda, her only living relative. The two could not be more different in character and Anna makes a shattering discovery. They return to their rural home to solve the mystery of what happened to their family 20 years’ ago. Winner of the Best Film Award at the 2013 London Film Festival

“Ida” accomplishes so much, so surely in its 80 minutes, it’s as if the director Pawel Pawlikowski had dared himself: How can I tell this fascinating story efficiently yet without rushing and abridging the narrative?
Michael Phillips, Chicago Tribune

Director: Pawel Pawlikowski
The Woman In The Fifth (2011) / My Summer Of Love (2004) / Last resort (2000)

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