Alps (15)

Original title: “Alpeis”

Greece  –  Year: 2011  –  Running time: 93 mins

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“Alps” is the name of a weird group of people, whose self-imposed mission is to impersonate dead people for a month or so after their deaths, to help grieving families get over their loss. Prominent among the group is a young woman, played by Aggeliki Papoulia (the elder daughter in the brilliant and disturbing Dogtooth), who seems to have a very specific psychological reason for wanting to do this, and a very specific deceased person in her own life whose place she is trying to fill. Lanthimos creates yet another surreal world.

Director: Giorgos Lanthimos
Dogtooth (2009) / Kinetta (2005) / O viasmos tis Hlois (1995)

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