Audience feedback for ‘Julieta’

There were 20 response slips returned after the showing of this film, the feedback we received from these slips were as follows: Rating: ★★★★½

  • ‘Excellent’: 9 votes
  • ‘Very Good’: 8 votes
  • ‘Good’: 3 votes
  • ‘Satisfactory’: 0 vote
  • ‘Poor’: 0 vote

Feedback comments for “Julieta”.

As ever, we are always interested to receive any additional comments people may have on this film.

3 thoughts on “Audience feedback for ‘Julieta’

  1. A beautiful film in every sense. The colours and composition of the scenes were sumptuous, notably the reds at the beginning and the sea views through the window. The influence of Hitchcock in story-telling technique was clear. Slight ‘plot’ problems: would a mother really not have got in touch with her daughter at ‘the retreat’ to tell her that her father had been drowned, albeit a ‘religious’ summer camp? Never mind. Almodovar continues to be fascinated by the so-called female psyche, given that there is such a thing!

  2. I thought Julieta deserves an ‘excellent’. Very believable portraying the different perceptions of the same events which we all have. Guilt………? now there’s a thing!

  3. In regard to plot problems – as one person commented on the feedback slip – Julieta was living in a sumptuous apartment with no visible sign of income (I’m assuming someone with clear signs of depression would not be employed as a teacher)!
    Watching the film for a second time, I was struck by how many parallels there were in the film – Julieta shunning her father for having an affair whilst her mother was ill, yet Xoan had done exactly the same with her when his wife was in a coma. But whilst Antía came to realise Julieta’s pain after losing her own child, Julieta didn’t offer the same empathy to her father after Antía’s disappearance.

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