Wednesday, 30th September: M (PG)

Weimar Republic –  Crime Thriller  –  Year: 1931  –  Running time: 111 mins

Audience feedback: Rating: ★★★★☆ (4.14 from 37 votes)


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‘M’ is the letter pressed on the shoulder of a notorious Berlin child-killer by the organised criminal underground, to identify and kill him: the city police manhunt is seriously inconveniencing the criminal classes. Peter Lorre is the porcine, pop-eyed serial killer Hans Beckert.  One of the greatest examples of German expressionism and a gripping suspense thriller, also fascinating for its fetishisation of smoking: everyone has huge cigars, bulbous pipes and cigarette holders, as if smoke is the endless industrial by-product of the city’s folly, greed and shame.

Few films are gripping and effective [more than 80] years after their original release, but this one surely is.
Kenneth Turan (LA Times)

Director: Fritz Lang
Metropolis (1927) / The Testament of Dr Mabuse (1933) / Fury (1936)

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