Nostalgia for the Light (12A)

Original title: “Nostalgia de la luz”

France/Germany/Chile/Spain  –  Year: 2010  –  Running time: 95 mins

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This moving and visually stunning documentary has a tragic grandeur that is truly remarkable. Chile 2009, and the elderly wives and sisters of Pinochet’s political victims, ‘the disappeared’, continue their daunting task of searching for the bodies of their loved ones in the colossal Atacama desert, until death overtakes them. As Guzmán interviews one, Violeta Barrios, a heart-rending piece of cinema reveals the terrible waste of life and opportunity for the Chilean people in the 1970s.

Director: Patricio Guzmán
Salvador Allende (2004) / The Pinochet Case (2001)

Extended film notes (includes Patricio Guzmán  interview)
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