Good Night (Short)

UK     –    Year: 2012   –     Running time: 27 mins

Good Night 1

Good Night is an intimate portrait of two 14-year-old girls on a night out, where their childhood innocence is threatened by an awakening sexuality.  Rachel and Chloe head into London on a secret night out, dressed way beyond their years and oozing a sexuality they barely own.  Giving mixes signals to the men they meet, the boundaries between innocent play and dangerous seduction start to blur.


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2 thoughts on “Good Night (Short)

  1. I’m surprised at the lack of comments and very low score for this film – perhaps some people found the subject matter disconcerting and unworthy of comments as if they wanted to distance themselves completely from having been present at the showing.
    I thought it was excellent. difficult subject matter, but very true to life, exploring as it did the first sexual experiences of two young 14 years olds, their naive and innocent doing what they thought expected seductive and provocative and naive.
    at first I thought this was a film about Toxic shock syndrome and the young girl would die from septicaemia from the vodka soaked disintegrating tampon. I’m so relieved it wasnt. instead it was a moving, perceptive exploration of their innocence. thank god their good samaritan was just that and didnt take advantage.
    can see why it won awards.

  2. At the discussion evening, following the showing of this film, this film garnered more comments than any other – which is unusual, as the Short films are not always included in the general discussions.
    Unfortunately, I was unable to attend – though I gather that the reaction there to this film was largely positive.

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