A Hijacking (15)

Original title: “Kapringen”

Denmark  –  Year: 2012  –  Running time: 99 mins

CFC member feedback for this film Rating: ★★★★½ (4.36 from 28 responses)

  • ‘Excellent’: 12 votes
  • ‘Very Good’: 14 votes
  • ‘Good’: 2 votes
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Lindholm spins an exacting drama out of a crisis in this deft account of Somali piracy in the Indian Ocean, resisting the siren- call of Hollywood in favour of the nuts-and-bolts. The actual hijack passes almost unnoticed. Instead, the story homes in on its grinding, grisly aftermath, showing us the tense chess game of hostage negotiation and the shifting loyalties within the stricken cargo ship. The little details all ring true – right down to the spluttering fury of the pirate’s spokesman, mortally offended at being regarded as anything other than an impartial translator.

Director: Tobias Lindholm
The Hunt (2012 – Screenplay) / R: Hit First, Hit Hardest (2010)

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