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Our Next Presentation: Sing Street


-432Days -20Hours -42Minutes -43Seconds

A new musical comedy set in the Dublin of 1985 and a loving homage to the 80s, full of in-joke cultural references to the period, its music and fashion. Funny, boisterous and joyously uplifting, it is full of infectious musical set-pieces, telling the story of a new kid, Conor, at an inner-city school  who  desperately needs to be in a band and whose life is complicated not only by a dysfunctional home life, but also falling for the beautiful unattainable Raphina. (Read more…)

Our last presentation ‘Mustang’

39 members and guests returned the response slips following the showing of this film, and the breakdown was as follows:

  • ‘Excellent’:  27 votes (including one message posted on Facebook)
  • ‘Very Good’: 10 votes
  • ‘Good’: 2 votes
  • ‘Satisfactory’: 0 vote
  • ‘Poor’: 0 votes

Read the audience feedback on this film

If you want to add further comments on this film, you are welcome to do so by joining in on our “Mustang” discussion forum.

Membership for the 2016/17 season

This season has proved to be a turning point for the Club. Our current membership numbers and the increasing costs of hiring the Cramphorn Theatre – £834, at least, now added for VAT charges thanks to the HMRC ruling – coupled with the license fees for showing the films, means that our subscription of £50 will not meet the costs of running the programme for the coming season. The Club cannot run into debt! To address this, we have calculated that we can afford to show 16 films if the subscription for members is £60 and the membership stays at 121 (the total for last season). And there’s the rub! We do need at least 121 members, again, to make the Club viable for another season. More than 121 members would be great, and might result in a small, healthy surplus. The more members, the more films we can show. We have been optimistic, would love to take the Club to even a 30th year (!!) but depend on current members joining again, bringing guests along (the guest ticket remains at £6) and bringing in some new members: friends, family and neighbours!

Following the first 2 meetings, our membership stands at 114.  We therefore need a few more people to join to hit our target for this season.  Please continue to spread the word!

Your opinion counts

As well as filling in the Response Slips following the showing of each film, you can leave comments for any of the films we have shown via the Discussion page.

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