Audience Feedback for “Dheepan”

There were 24 feedback response slips returned after the showing of this film. The breakdown from these slips were as follows: Rating: ★★★★☆

  • ‘Excellent’: 9 votes
  • ‘Very Good’: 11 votes
  • ‘Good’: 4 votes
  • ‘Satisfactory’: 0 votes
  • ‘Poor’: 0 votes

Feedback comments for “Dheepan.

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One thought on “Audience Feedback for “Dheepan”

  1. Having enjoyed several of Audiard’s films in the past, this was one of the films in this years season I was particularly looking forward to. Whilst most of the film was engaging, I did feel it lost its way – the shoot out was not very convincing and the final scene in the UK a major disappointment. My first reaction to the end was “No wonder everyone wants to come over here!!” – is this really the French view of how refugees in this country fare?

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