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There were 38 feedback response slips returned after the showing of this film. The breakdown from these slips were as follows: Rating: ★★½☆☆

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Feedback comments for “The Duke Of Burgundy”.

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3 thoughts on “Your feedback for ‘The Duke of Burgundy’

  1. Great film when you reflect on the repeated sex games going stale the two protagonist indulge in. Beautiful photography and great acting. It took me a while to appreciate the subtle and not so subtle insights into a lesbian masodistic relationship. Some rather esoteric references to other films

  2. Similar to Peter Strickland’s previous film, “Berberian Sound Studio” (not shown by CFC), this fim was an affectionate pastiche of early 70’s European Cinema (in the latter case it was Italian schlock horror, here mainly-French erotic psychodelic art movies). To appreciate most of the humour in the film it is necessary to recognise the sources – from the expertly recreated title sequence (though I’m not sure the earlier directors went as far as credits for Perfume supplier and Human Toilet consultant), the use of out-of-focus shop mannequins to pad out the institute’s audience, the through-the-keyhole voyerism, etc. The actress playing the disapproving neighbour, Lorna, was a veteran of several of these movies.

  3. This film perhaps illustrates the point that one should not always rush to judgement. First impressions are not always accurate. My first impression was that it was all right. Some good, photography,music and acting but a bit repetitive and the sex didn’t seem to the participants at least totally enjoyable. Then some days later it struck me that the director had been very perceptive. The relationship was not what it first seemed. That sex is sometimes has funny aspects ( snoring and probably other noises, fanatasy and reality)and is sometimes repetitive and even boring. Despite the disconcerting position the mistress was put in by the slave there was actually tenderness and love shown between them and that overcame other failings. Perhaps immediate comments and numbering on slips do not always do justice to the films shown.

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