Your feedback for “Paths Of Glory”

There were 35 feedback response slips returned after the showing of this film.  The breakdown from these slips were as follows: Rating: ★★★★½

  • ‘Excellent’: 21 votes
  • ‘Very Good’: 9 votes
  • ‘Good’: 3 votes
  • ‘Satisfactory’: 0 votes
  • ‘Poor’: 0 votes
  • 2 comments (1 via Facebook) submitted without a grade

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One thought on “Your feedback for “Paths Of Glory”

  1. I found it interesting to compare the character of Gen. George Broulard with that of Josef Mengele in “The German Doctor”. Both had a casual disregard for human life and their obliviousness to the inhumanity of their actions was chilling. The penultimate scene, when Broulard could not envision any other motive for Dax’s actions other than self-promotion was, for me, extremely powerful.

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