Your feedback on The Woman in the Fifth

We received feedback from 34 members and guests following the screening of The Woman In The Fifth on 21 May.

Here’s how you rated the film:

  • ‘Excellent’: 3 votes
  • ‘Very Good’: 6 votes
  • ‘Good’: 12 votes
  • ‘Satisfactory’: 6 votes
  • ‘Poor’: 5 vote
  • Unrated – 2 comments

See the first reply for the comments that were made on the response slips.  If you didn’t leave comments on the night or, having had time to reflect, you wish to say more about the film, we would welcome your replies.

One thought on “Your feedback on The Woman in the Fifth

  1. ‘Excellent’ 3 votes
    => A bit alarming
    => Intriguing & thought-provoking
    => Not sure I understood it! But still enjoyed it.

    ‘Very Good: 6 votes
    => The Shining meets 10 Commandments!
    => If this was a crossword, I would not have solved it. Not everyone goes to Paris and has two women during the length of a film.
    => Enigmatic and other-worldly; an unravellment!
    => I can tell you what ‘happened’! but to say what it was ‘about’ will need some further refection – digestion. But absorbing!
    => Enjoyed the film very much – love Kristin Scott Thomas anyway – not quite sure what actually happened in the film but didn’t think that really mattered. An enjoyable way to spend the evening – very art-house!

    ‘Good’: 12 votes
    => Would like to speak to the Director and perhaps then understand what it was all about
    => For an enigmatic story it failed to draw the audience into any of the mystery – was Tom truly violent (he hardly seemed so), had he been in prison or Hospital, was Margit a ghost/figment of his imagination/manifestation of his dark side? Did any of us care?
    => Promising start, intriguing middle & unsatisfactory, unresolved & unconvincing end. Where was it supposed to be going?
    => The write’s muse is a demanding mistress!
    => Not what I was expecting – a bit of a muddle at the end!
    => Remember we are told he is mad
    => Seemed incomplete. More info – too many unexplained facts.
    => Didn’t understand. But perhaps that [?] comprehend all meanings of ‘vive la différence’. Excellent photography
    => Good in parts. The events didn’t hang together as well as they could have.
    => Mysterious. I shall be confused for a long time…
    => Entertaining but difficult to understand.

    ‘Satisfactory’: 6 votes
    => A muddle [?] & quite dull
    => Too confusing even though I had read the book! Didn’t feel it had a point.
    => Acting superb – but where was it trying to go?
    => [?] – even in a rubbish film, Kristen S.T. is credible. Did he get the part because he can look soulful? Started well but then dribbled into inanity.
    => I like films with an understandable ending, so it didn’t really do it for me! Fun though!
    => Woody Allen has better jokes!

    ‘Poor’: 5 votes
    => The worst, most pretentious film I have ever seen at the Film Club. A very long and tedious 85 minutes.
    => Too clever for me
    => Baffling; in the end, it just didn’t add up.
    => Not sure what this film was about in terms of the story. OK, we appreciate he is a tortured soul, but that only takes you so far. Too much is confusing in this story.
    => Oh the impenetrable mysteries of the tortured male soul… About ½ way through I even found the cinematography annoying. In another story it could have been good. Worst film so far, by far! About 80 minutes too long. And Kristin Scott Thomas – what a waste to have her playing such a ridiculous role! PS: I did like the ‘realism’ of the Parisian scenes, especially the café & horrible digs, which v. much reminded me of student days in 1968

    2 comments without a vote:
    => Puzzled?
    => I didn’t understand it

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