Your feedback on In Darkness

We received feedback from 29 members, and guests, following the screening of In Darkness and the subsequent Q+A with Henry Margulies and Rev. Wiseman.

The most positive feedback of any film we’ve shown, here’s how you rated the film:

  • ‘Excellent’: 26 votes
  • ‘Very Good’: 3 votes
  • ‘Good’: 0 votes
  • ‘Satisfactory’: 0 votes
  • ‘Poor’: 0 votes

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If you didn’t leave comments on the night or, having had time to reflect, you wish to say more about the film, or Q+A, we would welcome your replies.

One thought on “Your feedback on In Darkness

  1. comments on IN Darkness

    I agree it was excellent and one of the best films of the season.

    the darkness of the soul effectively communicated in the contrast between life above with the nazi’s and the struggles between the refuges themselves. was wonderful to see the transformation of the hero, the sewer worker, an anti-semite, who came to love “his jews”, the people he risked his life for repeatedly over 14 months. tragic to learn that he was killed only a few months later.

    brilliantly portrayed.

    it was very good to have the family of the survivors for discussion afterwards. and of course the commnets from the Rabbi. wish he could have said more. anti semitism is still rife in many places and it’s brutal explosion under Hitler was a product of the civilisation and ethos of the times. it didnt happen in a vaccum.

    tried to find the books avialable for ?£5 as ebooks but paper copies rare and sell for $1000 or more. testamony to the power of the story.
    thank you for showing it.

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