2017/18 Season

"Paterson" Wednesday 13th December Dir: Jim Jarmusch
USA (2016)
Cert: 15
1h 58min
"Certain Women" Tuesday 23rd January Dir: Kelly Reichardt
USA (2016)
Cert: 12A
1h 47min
"After The Storm" Monday 5th February Dir: Hirokazu Koreeda
Japan (2016)
Cert: PG
1h 57min
"Citizen Jane: Battle for the City" Thursday 15th February Dir: Matt Tyrnauer
USA (2016)
Cert: PG
1h 32min
"Toni Erdmann" Monday 5th March Dir: Maren Ade
Germany (2016)
Cert: 15
2h 42min
"Personal Shopper" Tuesday 20th March Dir: Olivier Assayas
France (2016)
Cert: 15
1h 45min
"Letters From Baghdad" Friday 6th April Dirs: Sabine Krayenbühl, 
Zeva Oelbaum
UK/USA (2016)
Cert: PG
1h 35min
"The Student" Thursday 19th April Dir: Kirill Serebrennikov
Russia (2016)
Cert: 15
1h 58min
"Hunt For The Wilderpeople" Tuesday 8th May Dir: Taika Waititi
France (2016)
Cert: 12A
1h 41min
"El Sur" Wednesday 23rd May Dir: Víctor Erice
Spain/France (1983)
Cert: PG
1h 35min
"The Salesman" Tuesday 19th June Dir: Asghar Farhadi
Spain/France (2016)
Cert: 12
2h 04min
"Elle" Monday 25th September Dir: Paul Verhoeven
France (2016)
Cert: 18
2h 10min
"Julieta" Monday, 9th October Dir: Pedro Almodóvar
Spain (2016)
Cert: 15
1h 39min
"Goodfellas" Friday, 27th October Dir: Martin Scorsese
USA (1990)
Cert: 18
2h 26min
"A Man Called Ove" Tuesday, 7th November Dir: Hannes Holm
Sweden (2016)
Cert: 15
1h 56min
"I Am Not Your Negro" Monday 4th December Dir: Raoul Peck
Switzerland/France/USA (2016)
1h 33min


The 2017/18 season runs from Monday, 25th September until Tuesday, 19th June.  All films start at 8PM (unless indicated otherwise).
Membership for the 2016/17 season remains at £60 which allows members to view all 16 films, at no extra cost (and could work out as just £3.75 per film if attending all 16 films).  Please see our Membership page for more information on how to join or for attending as a guest.


Monday, 25th September: Elle 
(France, 2016) – Crime Thriller, Dir: Paul Verhoeven

Monday, 9th October: AGM followed by Julieta  
(Spain, 2016) – Drama, Dir: Pedro Almodóvar

Friday,* 27th October: Goodfellas
(USA, 1990) – Crime drama, Dir: Martin Scorsese
*Please note this is a change to the original schedule as listed on our poster
— due to a polite request from the Cramphorn to adjust their events programme.

Tuesday, 7th November: A Man Called Ove
(Sweden, 2015) – Comedy, Dir: Hannes Holm

Monday, 4th December: I Am Not Your Negro*
(Switzerland/France/USA, 2016) – Documentary, Dir: Raoul Peck
*Please note this is a change to our advertised film, Starless Dreams, which is not currently available.  This film will be preceded by 2 short films from local film maker, Adam King

Wednesday, 13th December: Paterson
(USA, 2016) Comedy, Drama, Dir: Jim Jarmusch


Tuesday, 23rd January: Certain Women
(USA, 2016) – Drama, Dir: Kelly Reichardt

Monday, 5th February: After The Storm
(Japan, 2016) – Drama, Dir: Hirokazu Koreeda

Thursday, 15th February: Citizen Jane: Battle for the City
(USA, 2016) – Documentary, Dir: Matt Tyrnauer

Monday, 5th March: Toni Erdmann
(Germany, 2016) – Comedy, Dir: Maren Ade

Tuesday, 20th March: Personal Shopper
(France/Germany, 2016) – Mystery Thriller, Dir: Olivier Assayas

Friday, 6th April: Letters From Baghdad
(USA, 2016) – Documentary, Dir: Sabine Krayenbühl,  Zeva Oelbaum

Thursday, 19th April: The Student
(Russia, 2016) – Drama, Dir: Kirill Serebrennikov

Tuesday, 8th May: Hunt For The Wilderpeople
(New Zealand, 2016) – Comedy adventure, Dir: Taika Waititi

Wednesday, 23rd May: El Sur
(Spain, 1983) – Romantic drama, Dir: Victor Erice

Tuesday, 19th June: The Salesman
(Iran, 2016) – Thriller, Dir: Asghar Farhadi

Note: As some distributors only accept bookings up to six months in advance, the published programme may be subject to slight alteration – please check again, throughout the season, for the latest information.

Season 2017-18 Audience Feedback

The following table gives a breakdown of the comments received for the films we have shown this season; both from the feedback forms plus any comments posted in the discussion forums. Click on the Film Title to be taken to the Film page, or the Forum total to access the Discussion Forum. The feedback comments can be accessed from either.
7-NovA Man Called Ove1540004.750120
4-DecI Am Not Your Negro2534004.656032
23-JanCertain Women4883223.138031
5-FebAfter The Storm6127203.815027
15-FebCitizen Jane990014.316019